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In the aftermath of Rome's fall, monasteries preserved a wealth of knowledge that may otherwise have been lost in the transition to the medieval era. These monks planted the seeds for the growth of the new European civilization, which is now nearing the end of its own life. At Modern Monastery, we aim to follow their example and create a basin of thoughtful analysis, that will guide the creation of a new culture in the West. All knowledge must trace itself back to the one eternal wellspring of truth, and therefore we base our thinking on Catholic Perennialism. Catholic Perennialism is neither traditional nor progressive, but based on eternal principles that are not constrained by any time period, like the Church itself. We also recognize that God created different peoples and cultures, and as ethnic Europeans, we have a responsibility to protect our own people and culture, so as to preserve a beautiful part of God's creation and to fulfill our duty to protect our family. We will also not hesitate to criticize any group favoring a society that does not align with eternal Catholic truths, including Jewish organizations. Any article that provides valuable insight, into any subject, will be happily accepted by Modern Monastery.

Media Appearances

“The Smoke of the Synagogue” by Lawrence Erickson was featured on The Unz Review.



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